Sharing your Projects: Behind the Scenes

One of my favorite things to capture while on a video shoot is the video shoot itself.

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Sharing behind the scenes footage and photography adds a layer of interest to what we do because it humanizes the process of filmmaking and videography. It also helps build a following. Since we usually share this content on social media first, our audience gets to see what we’re up to, in the moment, and follow the story to the final product.

We also like to share pictures to highlight the people we’ve worked with on larger projects, like Sean Conley of Sleeping House.

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These pictures start many types of conversations:

When we post behind the scenes images on social media in the setting of a company we’re working with, sometimes it adds a little promotional edge for them. Sometimes, professionals in the industry comment on the gear we’re using and share their own experiences. We also like to share pictures that show how footage is being used. Sometimes, it’s just one person behind the scenes of many interviews and BRoll, assembling story and getting a draft together.

We also like to share pictures of who we are: a husband & wife duo who have a family and work hard to set an example of owning a business and what it takes to stay passionate about what you do.

Check out our full album of behind the scenes pictures on our Facebook Page here.

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