The Art of Dramatic Improvement by Project: So Called Mom

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How many filmmakers cringe at the thought of getting in front of their own cameras?

What about setting up your own camera (read, ahem: iphone), conducting an interview with yourself, editing yourself and surfing your own BRoll to create mini episodes….daily? Then market the hell out of it all? Does that sound like a dreadful undertaking or (gasp) a lot like selling out? It’s neither, if you look at it like you’re improving your desire to make more, and make it better.

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I have been doing this daily since February 2017 (well, not daily, but pretty damn close) and if you were to fast forward from my first post to today, the improvement in content, efficiency in recording, quick-turnaround editing and use of forecasted BRoll for story is pretty astonishing.

All of this has transformed into a real show, which is called So-Called Mom: an idea born from a brunch with an Executive Producer at our house with our family of nine.

Yep, you read that right. There are NINE members in our immediate family: My husband Pippin, Me, and our blended family of seven kids ages 17 – 5.

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During our chaotic and fun-loving brunch, the EP learned that we’ve been obsessively recording our kids since Pippin and I merged our families in 2006. A handful of meetings later, and under her direction, I started writing a blog to feature our family story on video and to begin giving a voice to exactly what our family was–everything but conventional. From our massive library of family footage, a pitch was created that goes like this:


I’m proud to say that Pippin and I acted as assistant editors to this trailer. There were many people involved on this one and it was so much fun to respond to: Do you have any footage of someone falling, a birthday cake being made, crying, etc? We were literally like, do you want the birthday cake to be chocolate or vanilla? From Jake’s 14th or MJ’s 11th? It was pretty specific at times, but really fun to reveal exactly how much we had to work with.

Ever since, I have been writing a blog to keep the story going, but most importantly, recording a vlog and slowly but surely gaining an increased understanding of how episodes work. It’s incredibly hard to do with a studio of two, three or even four people. If you think of the level of work that goes into creating a show, let alone the outreach and marketing, I say we’re doing pretty awesome with what we have to work with.

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Working on So Called Mom has led to a number of opportunities. Besides getting pitched and put out there for some big wigs to consider, I have figured out the value of getting in front of the camera–not something many filmmakers like to do.

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It’s about building engagement, an audience, and a brand.

It’s about being authentic and also letting go of what people think about you. I usually am the first to admit on the blog that I’m an imperfect parent plagued by perpetual (self-imposed) chaos. I have all sorts of rudeness thrown my way, but this project is about something much bigger than worrying about what someone might think about my content, my family or my parenting style. This is about documenting for life. In life and especially with parenting, you are designing, building and flying the plane all at once. And in our case, we’re doing it with an audience. To me, there is nothing better than that.

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My accomplishments so far have been making other parents laugh and realize that it’s not about being perfect, but about being real and contributing to a more forgiving parenting landscape. That motherhood is really about letting life come unhinged, as it does, and not to try too hard to keep it all in place. Other accomplishments? Gaining an audience from people who don’t have kids. Which tells me we’re doing something right with story, too–beyond the mom blogger niche.

While getting in front of your own gear and pressing record might seem terrifying (and it is), that fear does die down, revealing transformative you. It’s not narcissistic, at all. To me, playing a part in my own work is smart, shows character and creates a magnetism (and confidence) for more creative work that I might otherwise not have a full understanding of.

For more information, send an email to:

Fire & Rescue

fire and rescue video

One early morning in 2012, a neighborhood house caught on fire down the street from us.

Pippin and our neighbor rushed to the scene to make sure the structure was vacated, and I chased after them, camera in hand. Little did we know that the video we captured would become so useful to fire departments and their educational programs, globally.

The documentation of pre-arrival structure fires are rare and often times, fire and rescue organizations can utilize them to teach in their own classrooms.

In the case for Portland Fire & Rescue, they were able to use the video to prove to the Mayor of Portland the critical need to keep their engines at their station, and not swap them out for SUV’s, when their program was at risk of being cut.

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Fast forward a few months, to when we met a firefighter who was impressed by the video, and introduced us to his fire chief at Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue.

We signed a multi-year FEMA contract to make recruitment, station promos, as well as fire and safety videos.

That contract gave us the ability to offer a variety of services like conducting interviews and recording B-roll. As well as writing copy, hiring voice and music talent as seen in the recruitment video below.


We remain committed to fire & rescue because it is our pleasure to work with those who bravely put their lives on the line for people they don’t know.

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If your fire & rescue (or service related organization) is in need of video services, please contact us. We look forward to working with you!


Sharing your Projects: Behind the Scenes

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One of my favorite things to capture while on a video shoot is the video shoot itself.

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Sharing behind the scenes footage and photography adds a layer of interest to what we do because it humanizes the process of filmmaking and videography. It also helps build a following. Since we usually share this content on social media first, our audience gets to see what we’re up to, in the moment, and follow the story to the final product.

We also like to share pictures to highlight the people we’ve worked with on larger projects, like Sean Conley of Sleeping House.

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These pictures start many types of conversations:

When we post behind the scenes images on social media in the setting of a company we’re working with, sometimes it adds a little promotional edge for them. Sometimes, professionals in the industry comment on the gear we’re using and share their own experiences. We also like to share pictures that show how footage is being used. Sometimes, it’s just one person behind the scenes of many interviews and BRoll, assembling story and getting a draft together.

We also like to share pictures of who we are: a husband & wife duo who have a family and work hard to set an example of owning a business and what it takes to stay passionate about what you do.

Check out our full album of behind the scenes pictures on our Facebook Page here.

Blogging for your Business? Absolutely!

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Whenever I answer the question: …and what do you do for a living? I go through any usual rehearsed schtick before closing with: and I write a blog. blogging for your business

Do people still write Blogs? Why yes, they do. And here’s why blogging for your business matters.

I have been blogging on and off for 10 years now and every time I return to it, its like putting on an old favorite T-shirt. Why? Because its a return to familiarity, a return to who we are, a statement in time. Blogging about our business adds life to what we do for a living. It can take a very concrete website and shock it awake, breathing engagement into it. It adds personality, lets people know there are humans behind the scenes, builds character, and sets you apart from the rest.

blogging for business

Blogging also gives you more creative freedom.

Sitting in front of that blank page and cursor winking at you is enough to get me thinking outside of the box, encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone, to try something different, to see what I can do to keep my video services booming.

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Is it hosting an event? Or sponsoring an orphanage and sharing that relationship with my customers? Is it creating a new series of service based videos for a fire department or how-to videos for my Youtube channel? Is it donating services to charity, or putting together a giveaway to bring attention to your brand? blogging for your business

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No matter what you choose to explore, blogging keeps me thinking about how I can extend the reach of my organization, or communicate  my company ethos through sharing stories and content. Something that appeals to our audience frequently are “behind the scenes” photos. Whenever we go out on a shoot, I am always snapping behind the scenes pictures, usually capturing the camera equipment in the shot, along with the subject. So I include our latest project in a post, sharing interesting photos from the shoot.

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Blogging also keeps my mind flexing it’s creative muscles via the written word.

One of the services I offer, and I must say I enjoy quite a bit, is copywriting. I love writing copy and helping people with their own creative process. I love creating pitch decks for selling concept work like products and movies. I love to tell people’s stories on paper just as much as I do with video. Blogging ties it all together and helps me keep it real.

blogging for business

On my website, I call my blog “News” because it keeps Pattern Integrity happening. It also keeps me working on furthering our business growth goals and expanding our reach. blogging for your business

And lastly, one of the most important reasons to blog is to drive traffic to your website. 

Search engines LOVE content and that’s exactly what blogging for your business provides Google, Bing and all the others. Our goto blogging platform is WordPress. After you’ve settled on your platform, it’s vital to use a solid SEO plugin like Yoast SEO or something along those lines (Yoast just so happens to be our goto SEO solution). Here’s a piece Yoast published on the importance of blogging for your business: a blog on an e-commerce site. If you have any questions please leave us a comment below and we’ll be sure to help out anyway we can. You can also check out Youtube for wordpress, SEO and any sort of other blogging tutorials as it’s LOADED with great ones.


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